Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Giveaway!

Hannah of Marilla heights is having a giveaway! you can enter Here.


Hannah said...

Hello Hannah :)
Thanks for entering and posting about my giveaway! I hope you win!
Hannah of Marilla Heights <3

Hannah said...

Oh, and how to heart their etsy,

if you have an etsy account, you can just go on their little shop there and right on the right hand sidebar it says "heart this shop" just click that.
If you DON'T have an etsy account, then you would have to get on and do the same thing as I said above.

Have a great day Hannah!

~Hannah Marie <3

I have a sister named Grace and a friend named Hannah Grace :) Both are such pretty names I think wether together or not! Together is just double prettiness! hehe!