Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My very first Award!!!

This is my very first award!!!
Laura at sharing his love awarded me!!
Thank you Laura.

Here are the rules:

1. Post about the tag.

2. Choose 5 bloggers who deserve this award.

3. Leave a comment on the blogs of the people you tagged, letting them know they were awarded.

4. Answer the questions along with your post. (Omit questions you don't want to answer)


1. Apples, Oranges, or Bananas?
I guess oranges are my favorite.but love all kinds of fruit.

2. How many siblings do you have?
I have five sisters two older and three younger,
and i have four brothers three older and one younger.

Do you live on a prairie, woodland, city, or other?
we don't live on any of those.

5. Is your room clean?
um,i think its clean.

6. Italy, Greece, France, Spain, or England?
i really don't know much about any of these,but i think i would be England.

7. What is the scripture that encourages your the most?
well,i love this one but i would be doing the same one as Laura.(i hope you don't mind)

"In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
John 16:33

8. Gum, chocolate, or jelly beans?
I like chocolate and jelly beans the best

9. What are your favorite types of books?
My favorite is Mysteries(like Nancy drew!)

10. Favorite ice cream flavor?

11. If you had to eat one type of food for two weeks, what would that food be?
any kind of Mexican food.

12. Are you an outside or an inside person?
I LOVE to be outside!

13. Describe yourself in three words.
fun.creative and kind.(i asked one of my little brother and he said i was fun and cute haha)

14. What chore do you like to do the most?
i guess the bathroom(it really is not that bad)

Now, I’d like to award:

Kimmi @ kimmi's corner

Hannah @ A homemakers Daughter

Leah @ A Narrow Path

Morgan @ A Day in the Life of a Southern Girl
Katie @ A Daughter of the King.

I hope y'all all have a great day.


1 comment:

Laura said...

Hi Hannah!!
Loved reading your answers!!!
Of course I don't mind if you use the same scripture as myself!!
I LOVE Nancy Drew too. :) I have almost the whole set! They were the first mystery books I read, and now I'm hooked on mysteries!
Hope you have a good day!