Monday, March 15, 2010

Life is good!!

Today I got a LOT done. i cleaned my room which i share with my 5 sisters.i cleaned the bathroom.did the dishes(there was a LOT of them)and did the laundry.And i got them all done before one a clock.i Guess that was my spring cleaning?

This is a dewberry flower.i love dewberry's we get a LOT of them at my house. we make all kind's of things with them like dewberry cobbler we eat them frozen in milk and eat them just by them self.i can't wait til they are ripe. oh i forgot i made meat balls that was fun and they tasted good too.



Morgan said...

Hi Hannah,

My Birthday is December 5th, its really neat how our birthdays are in the same month. I love days when I get a lot of stuff done too!!!


Laura said...

Hey Hannah!
Thanks for your comment! I love blueberries too!! And dewberries! I guess any kind of berry. :)
We love to pick the dewberries at our house. We have to get to them before the dog and goats do though!

Leah said...


I just wanted to thank you for becoming my follower!

It is such a blessing to meet new people through blogging.

You have a great blog and I will be enjoying it.

Nice to "meet" you!